Involved in a Minor Car Accident? Be Sure to Visit Your Chiropractor.

Involved in a Minor Car Accident? Be Sure to Visit Your Chiropractor.

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I recently watched a webinar on auto accident injuries. I wanted pass along a few pieces of information that can help minimize your injuries in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident.

  1. Keep the top of your headrest set at a height that matches the top of your head. When the headrest is too low, your neck and head can be propelled upward and backward, over the top of it, increasing injury to the neck.
  2. If you see a vehicle approaching from the rear and it looks like an accident is going to happen, firmly grasp the wheel and brace your torso and head backwards into your seat with stiff, but not locked, arms. Minimizing your body's movement reduces injury, generally speaking. It is thought to be a wives tale, the story of the drunk in the accident that walks away unscathed because he was so relaxed.
  3. Also, keep your foot firmly on the brake. In this was you keep your car from accelerating rapidly and out of control in the case of a collision from the rear.

Even low speed accidents can injure muscles, joints, and nerves. Chiropractors are experts in managing these types of injuries and we can take fast action to alleviate your symptoms. As always, these are thoughts to consider if you're involved in an auto accident, but they should not be taken as a substitute for your primary care doctor's advice.

Safe driving!

Brian Morrison, D.C.

A huge thanks to my good friend, John Kibby, a great chiropractor in Crofton, MD for sharing this information!