Injured at Work?

the best chiropractic care for work injuries


Many people are surprised when they find out that the overwhelming majority of injuries that happen in the workplace do not occur because of serious accidents. The truth is that most injuries in the workplace happen from strain and repetitive movements. Each year in the United States millions of dollars are spent to help individuals with these problems, with mixed results. Chiropractic care may be the answer.

The most common of all the risk factors associated with work injury is repetitive stress. Small tasks that are done with consistently poor posture will create big problems over months or even years. Some of the most common repetitive strain injuries include twisting and turning while moving boxes, heavy items, or even just continuous typing in a poor position. You would think it's the big package that falls on you, but it's the small ones handled more often each day that create the majority of injuries.

When the spine and joints become restricted it can (and will) cause pain and injuries. Joints that have poor mobility become restricted and cause swelling which can irritate surrounding tissues and nerves leading to multiple problems.

How Can We Help?

Chiropractors historically have a very high success rates helping to relieve pain in people with work injuries. Lower back pain and repetitive stress injuries, including shoulder tendonitis, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, are just a few of the more common work-related conditions that our chiropractors have been able to help on a regular basis.

The importance of receiving the appropriate care as quickly as possible cannot be stated enough. Repetitive strain injuries will get worse the longer you go without treatment. If the injuries are allowed to worsen, you may have to undergo surgery to correct issues that have developed. By talking with a chiropractor and undergoing treatment, you may be able to completely avoid surgery or prescription medication for pain relief.

The sooner you receive proper care after a work injury, the easier it is to make a quick recovery. One of our professional chiropractors will be able to assess your condition by completing a full history and examination. They will explain all their findings and together with you will develop a comprehensive plan to help you understand what it is going to take to recover, such as approximate recovery time, treatment required and exercises that are beneficial to your recovery.

Pain is not something you should have to live with. If you are dealing with any kind of work injury, our team at Morrison Chiropractic is here to help you restore your health and life.

If you have any questions about our Ellicott City or Clarksville locations, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Morrison Chiropractic, please give us a call.