Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr Jones at Morrison chiropractic amazes me at every visit. I have been a patient at Morrison chiropractic ever since I was a kid. Whenever I had an injury they were always there to help fix my issues and help me strengthen my weaknesses. As time went along though, I had a few tough times with pain that cause me to be very emotional. Dr Jones helped carefully walk me through and explain the process of how much our emotions can effect our pain. It opened my eyes and almost immediately decreased my pain just by having a better understanding. Dr Jones is a chiropractor that I will always trust when it comes to my care. Since starting treatment with him I have become a competitive power lifter (which he helped make happen!) I am so grateful to have Morrison Chiropractic and Dr Jones to always have my back(no pun intended). Thank you to the team that always keeps me up and running!!!"

- Anna H.

"I was recently diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and referred to Morrison Chiropractic for treatment. Since day one the experience can only be described as outstanding!

Starting with the support team who are friendly, knowledgeable of all office operations and willing to help.

Dr. Ross Dubin, my Chiropractor, is a key factor in my recovery. Ross is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and has developed a program design specifically for me. He is honest with his evaluation and sensitive to the patient’s physical constraints and concerns. Dr Dubin is a true professional.

Last but not in away the least, the PT team - Terry, Liz and Sade. They make exercise fun. They implement the program laid out by Dr. Dubin in an excellent fashion. They are extremely attentive to the manner in which the exercise program is preformed thus assuring maximum effectiveness .

Well-done members of the Morrison Chiropractic team!"

- LaMarr S.

"Dr. Morrison is amazing. I have had neck pain since 2008 and I have only been going for a couple of weeks and I have full motility of my neck. When I first started going I could move my neck the right and I had a hard time to drive. I was getting a lot of migraines. I no longer have any issues driving and i hadn't had migraines for 2 weeks straight. Again Dr.Morrison is amazing."

- Alecia H.

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Haydee Morrison for about 15 years. As I tell everyone, she saved my life!! I walked into her office on the very high recommendation of a friend. I had been experiencing months of back pain that was so bad I walked the grocery store aisles with tears in my eyes. Having had various tests, seeing every specialist imaginable, and when a neurologist suggested I have a pain pump inserted, I figured what have I got to lose. After my initial consultation, Dr. Morrison did more for me than any of the other doctors I had seen. She listened to everything I said, reviewed my x-rays and MRI, and examined me. She figured out what was going on, and we began a treatment plan that day. After only a couple of weeks, I was feeling about 80% better and I returned to all the activities I loved before the pain started. I feel great now and still see her for monthly maintenance, and the exercises I learned continue to help me manage my problem when I have a slight flare. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Morrison and highly recommend her and all of the chiropractors at Morrison Chiropractic."

- Denise P.

"Over 15 years ago I was told by a surgeon that if I didn’t have back surgery I would be in a wheelchair within a few years. Thanks to all of your care that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of your care is great."

-  M. Tompkins

"Having a nearby Chiropractic service that I have complete faith in allows for many of my patients to receive more immediate relief from their pain and address their concerns in a comprehensive manor."

- Jeffrey Kaplan, M.D.