Avocado Toast in Ellicott City MD

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast in Ellicott City MD


  • 2 slices gluten free bread - toasted
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds


Slice the avocado and add to sandwich or in a small bowl gently mash the peeled and pitted avocado with approximately 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice.

Divide and spread the mashed avocado across the two slices of buttered, toasted bread.

Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Optional: red pepper flakes, and sesame seeds.

Best enjoyed immediately.

**Variations – instead of butter, use mayonnaise prior to spreading mashed avocado.