Engineer Your Nap

We've learned in recent years that taking a nap every day is beneficial for overall health. However, our hectic and ever changing schedules rarely work out to allow the perfect 20 minute 'power nap'. Are there still health advantages if you only have 10 minutes to nap? Is napping for 1 hour unhealthy? Keep reading and all your questions about napping will be put to bed. 

According to a study conducted by Cornell University a 10 minute nap, "had the greatest immediate improvement in alertness and cognitive performance." Another study found in the PLOS ONE Journal concluded that a 30 minute nap following lunch will help increase your ability to switch between tasks more efficiently. 

Make sure to set an alarm for 60 minutes or less, as a 2012 study in the Sleep Journal found napping at midday for greater than 60 minutes correlates to increased risk of suffering from a cardiac event. 

If naps don't bring you joy or you rather fill the day with more productive tasks; please put down your phone, push back from your computer, and set an alarm for 10 minutes to perform one of the following activities:

  1. ake a brisk walk
  2. Meditate
  3. Listen to music or a podcast

Happy napping!

Kate Bodenberg, D.C.