We work beside you to heal your pain. Without drugs and without a scalpel.

For over 30 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing safe, effective chiropractic care to Howard County and beyond.

Musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and back pain affect more than 1.7 billion people worldwide, are the second greatest cause of disability, and have the 4th greatest impact on an individual's overall health. Our non-invasive chiropractic treatment options include a variety of evidence based and patient focused modalities.

Over 15 years ago I was told by a surgeon that if I didn’t have back surgery I would be in a wheelchair within a few years. Thanks to all of your care that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of your care is great.
— M. Tompkins, Morrison Chiropractic Patient
Having a nearby Chiropractic service that I have complete faith in allows for many of my patients to receive more immediate relief from their pain and address their concerns in a comprehensive manor.
— Jeffrey Kaplan, M.D

Morrison Chiropractic does not view or treat people differently because of their race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. Please visit our new patient page for more information.