Navigating A Post Pandemic World With Chiropractic

Navigating A Post Pandemic
World With Chiropractic

Chiropractic Clarksville MD COVID-19

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since our world and way of life was disrupted by COVID-19. Although this season has been anything but easy, we are, once again, amazed by the resilience demonstrated by our colleagues, our community, and our patients.

In recent days, we have seen a massive decline in COVID-19 infections and received encouraging words from a surgeon and a professor at the Johns Hopkins School ofMedicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health indicating that herd immunity is on the horizon.

So, what does this mean for us?

Despite the optimistic outlook, we are still embracing the new normal: doing everything humanly possible to prevent community spread, while keeping our offices open to provide the care that our patients need.

The negative effects of the past year are far reaching and we are seeing many of the following issues in our patients as a direct result of the pandemic:

Weight gain

Weight gain is linked to cardiovascular disease and larger than normal stresses on joints. For example, for every pound gained, each hip joint experiences a net effect of 3 lbs. and the knees 4 lbs. each.


Whether you're becoming "one with the couch" or attending the umpteenth Zoom meeting for the day, sitting too long causes increased joint stiffness! Loss of motion for as little as 48 hours can lead to joint dysfunction by reducing the amount of joint lubricant (hyaluronic acid,) and a reduction in the availability of the nutrients required for healthy cartilage and connective tissue. These are the processes that ultimately lead to development of osteoarthritis. Remember: "Rest equals Rust" and "Motion is Lotion."

Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is a decrease in muscle mass, which can happen rapidly from lack of use and, in turn, leads to more stress on the spine and joints.

Increased Rate of Disc Injuries

The discs in your spine only receive nutrition and hydration by movement, specifically periodic loading and unloading. When this does not occur frequently enough, they are more easily damaged, and injury can occur.

Managing and preventing these issues can feel overwhelming, which is why we are here to partner with you every step of the way. Please don't wait until a small problem becomes a big one.

An adjustment or two can reverse early changes associated with immobility and restore motion quickly so you can return to activity more safely. Your chiropractor can also provide guidance about your individual return to an activity program. Too much too soon can create as many problems as not enough. We can help you find your "sweet spot." As chiropractors this is one of our specialties and we are here as a resource for you, your friends and family members. Please reach out to us to help you manage any new pains that may have developed or for help returning to or creating a new routine. If you have gone back too fast, too hard and are feeling pain and not sure if you are safe to continue, we can help you make sense of your symptoms.

We are available in our Clarksville and Ellicott City offices or you can schedule an online telehealth appointment from your home with one of our doctors. Call 410-465-0555 (Ellicott City) or 301-854-3800 (Clarksville) or visit to schedule an appointment today.