Slow Your Roll

Hey Everyone, Crystal here!

We tell so many of our patients to slooowww down while doing their exercises. Why? Think about it this way....if someone is trying to instruct you how to do a new task, but they're talking wayyy to fast for you to understand the directions they're giving, how well do you think you'll be able to perform that task? Probably not very well, right?

Okay, well the same thing goes for your body. If you move too fast, your brain doesn't have enough time to instruct your body how to do the movement properly...and that right there is the key, doing it properly! The combination of your nervous system and your muscles working together to produce movement is called your neuromuscular system. This system communicates at a certain speed, which varies among individuals and even specific movements. So, for example, if you are squatting faster than the rate of that communication the margin for error in that movement pattern increases.

So slow down, enjoy the movement, and give yourself (and your body) enough time to make sure that you are doing your exercises properly! Not only does this create healthy and proper neuromuscular movement patterns, but it helps you get the maximum benefit from your exercises, too!