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Safe Dog Walks Seminar

You may be asking yourself, "Why is my chiropractor writing about safe dog walking?" Well, the reason behind it is quite simple; all too often we have patients walking through our doors with some type of injury from walking their dog.   

    If you have the pleasure of owning a canine companion, you may have an idea of what we're talking about. Does your dog ever lunge during one of your walks? How about constantly pulling you along down the sidewalk? It's unfortunate, but sometimes these habits can lead to the owner getting pulled off balance or excessive stress to the shoulder joint. Additionally, it's important to consider how these pulling and lunging habits are affecting the dog.


    This has become such a common occurrence in our office that we have decided to put together a seminar specifically on the topic! On Monday June 27th Dr. Brian Morrison along with professional dog trainer Wendy Symonds will be presenting "Safe Dog Walks. Avoiding pulling, lunging, and injuries to dogs and people." Treat yourself and your pup to the great information provided in this seminar. You can expect to learn about:

- Re-educating yourself so you can offer your dog a no pull relationship.

- Teaching your dog alternatives to pulling using voice cues.

- Finding the right equipment.

The seminar is completely free of charge, but space is limited so please call us today to reserve your spot! 410.465.0555

Later Event: September 15
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