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Center For Integrative Medicine's Health & Wellness Conference

  • Historic Broom Corn Building 1407 Fleet Street Baltimore, MD 21231 (map)

    Since 2012, the Center for Integrative Medicine's Health & Wellness Conference has been changing lives with an innovative platform that encourages attendees to "Explore, Experience and Engage" in evidence-based, integrative modalities that are key aspects to improving health and wellness in the community. 

    One of the expert speakers for this year's conference is our very own Dr. Brian Morrison, and he will be giving a presentation at 11:30 am on Teaching Patients & Clients About Pain.
Chronic or persistent pain is a complex, costly and challenging public health problem throughout the world. Our brain and nervous system go through anatomical and biochemical changes in response to an injury. In some individuals, these changes can perpetuate pain and alter physical function even though the initial tissue injury has healed, creating a chronic or persistent pain condition. Worldwide, persistent pain is increasing. In The U.S. alone, incidence of persistent pain has doubled in the last 15-20 years. One in 3 patients sees a primary care physician (PCP) for chronic pain, yet most PCPs receive no training in this field. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests teaching patients about the science of pain can greatly reduce their pain, reduce medication use and improve functional outcomes. 

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